Saturday, March 5, 2011

About: An Introduction

About the BLOG
Wallflower Reading will be is a book review blog primarily dedicated to young adult literature with an occasional review on adult fiction. In the future, it'll hopefully expand to include related news, blog memes, fan art and more!

All book summaries are from Goodreads !

About the BLOGGER
My name is Ashley and I'm still a resident of High School. I admit that I'm new to this kind of blogging. I've had a personal Livejournal the past five years in my life, but the only person who sees any of those posts is-well, me. But I have been a lover of books my entire life. It all really began when I read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone in first grade. I still have the piece of paper scrawled with misspelled words that I wrote on the day I finished that book, expressing my happiness at finally reading "a real book." And it all just grew from there. Growing up, I devoured at least a book or two a day. I couldn't get enough of reading.

And while my love for books and for the insight they give me has not left me, it changed as I was promoted to middle school and then onto high school. As homework and projects and school stress piled up, I found myself reading less and less until all I mostly read was what was required in English class. I still read for fun, but not as often as I wished I could. Today, much of that is still the same. But I never stop beating myself over for it, and "Read More Again" always makes it near the top of my New Year's Resolutions. Every single year.

This blog is a personal project in away. It's a way to encourage me to read more again and to rediscover that hunger I once had for reading. I've always been interested in reading, writing, editing, graphics, the publishing world, etc. A blog seems like a fun way to put all of those things together.

Just like this About will change overtime, I'm planning to keep experimenting and take it all in as a learning experience. Here's to an exciting journey ahead!

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  1. Your layout for is the website is so pretty. Good luck on your project. I can't wait for your updates.
    PS.-you need to give me your livejournal account so i can read it. :D